Calling All Architects To Join A New Career-focused Community

In the Information Age we live and work in, where it’s hard to go even one day without a Google search, where do you turn for insights that can help you solve work challenges and progress your career?  This is a tough question.  How can we deal with the challenges of information overload – which some have called information pollution?

Two strategies that can help are to:

  1. spend less time on information that is not important and more time of things you need to know, and
  2. focus on quality information.

To these ends, Informatica has just introduced a new Potential at Work Community site where technology’s top leaders gather to discuss their opinions and insight into the ever-changing world of information management.   The Potential at Work Community contains provocative analysis, industry interviews, weekly podcasts, and much more—all original.

To support strategy 1) above, the site is organized into six communities to allow you to focus on things you need to know.  The six communities are Application Leaders, Architects, Developers, Information Leaders, IT Leaders, and Sales & Marketing Leaders. My suggestion is that you sign up for the community that is of most interest, but occasionally scan topics in the other communities to maintain awareness of developments in other spheres. I am the host author/reviewer of the content published in the Potential at Work Community for Architects and I invite you join at http://bit.ly/PaWArcPB.

To support strategy 2) above, we are leveraging our ecosystem of information experts and gurus including customers, partners, and industry experts, so that you can have confidence in the quality of information.  The first three articles in the Architects community are:

  • Can You Architect Your Way from Sluggishness to Speed?  There are many organizational, cultural or process roadblocks to agility, but as an architect, you can make a big impact.
  • Can Canonical Design Solve Your Point-to-Point Integration Complexity? Canonical techniques are a powerful tool, but only if they are used and supported properly. This article provides a framework that you should consider.
  • Whose Fault Is the Integration Hairball? Your Chance to be a Hairball Hero! This article is not about assigning blame, but rather an introspective analysis about the root causes. When you understand the underlying issues, you can become a leader in addressing some of your organization’s biggest challenges.

You can expect to see a new poll question each week and three new articles roughly every 6 weeks.  In case you’re interested, the Potential at Work Community will be available in 9 languages!

I hope to see you join the Potential at Work Community and would love to get your feedback on it by commenting on this blog .

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