Three Chances to Dig Deeper into MDM

I’m astounded by the incredible turnout and response to MDM Day and other MDM-related events at Informatica World, and again, I see this as a sign of MDM’s importance in the business world. Attendees told their stories, swapped best-practices, and shared their visions of using MDM to improve up-sell, cross-sell, and other important business metrics. But now let’s keep the momentum going. Here I want to tell you about three free webinars that will help you to dive more deeply into MDM, and take your initiatives to the next level. The first is for any large organization, and the other two are for pharmaceutical companies.

Growing companies tend to employ multiple, targeted MDM solutions, which is a logical way to accurately solve business problems in different departments or localities. However, it’s challenging to keep the data from multiple solutions in synch and available across the enterprise. Enter Universal MDM, which acts a central hub for integrating multiple MDM solutions. With Universal MDM, retailers, for example, can easily correlate customer data with product data, to gain powerful intelligence about their customers’ purchase behavior.

Universal MDM, however, has a set of particular requirements. To achieve it, you need a true, multidomain MDM solution that can handle any data type, any architectural style, any data source or target, and any operational or analytical use case. In How to Integrate On-Premise and Cloud MDM Hubs Using Federated MDM Architecture (Monday, July 22, 2013 at 8:00am PT) you’ll get a deep dive into Universal MDM, and learn how to put it into practice.

Pharmaceutical companies have specific challenges with regard to managing data. In drug research, for example, they can end up with redundant research if they lack a single view into all current and previous trials. They need to identify and resolve such redundancies as quickly as possible, since any delay could result in lost revenue.

In Compounds Data Management for Clinical Trials (scheduled for 1st week of September) you’ll learn how MDM addresses complex challenges in drug discovery, clinical trials, and adverse events tracking and reporting. I’ll be presenting this webinar along with Sriraj Rajaram, director of enterprise data management at Cognizant, a global business and technology services company. Sriraj is an industry thought leader who brings a unique approach to solving data-management challenges. I’ll post the registration link soon.

Meanwhile, you can attend the webinar on Cloud MDM for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies (Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 11:00am PT). In this webinar, Darren Cunningham will discuss how these companies can leverage Informatica Cloud MDM to get better physician data within Salesforce.com and Veeva. Josh Minton will demonstrate the solution, and I’ll discuss how these companies, many of whom use our Multidomain MDM solution, can benefit from using the Cloud MDM together with Multidomain MDM.

I hope to see you at one of these events!

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