Helping Information Leaders Put Their Potential To Work

During Informatica World in early June, we were excited to announce our new Potential at Work Community.  You can read Jakki Geiger’s blog introducing the Community to learn more about the goals for this great resource. 

You’ll see that you can join up to six role-based communities including Application leaders, Architects, Developers, Information leaders, IT leaders or Sales and Marketing leaders.  I highly recommend you join both the community representing your current role – as well as any community representing a role you’d like to strive for in your career journey.  Why?  Because our primary objective with the Potential at Work community is to arm you with valuable insights that can help you to challenge traditional thinking and remove damaging status quo obstructions within your organization. This can help you excel in your current job, and clear the path to the next step in your career!

I’m proud that Informatica has asked me to be the lead Community Author and content advisor for the Information Leaders Community.  You might wonder, what exactly is an Information Leader?  It’s not a very common title on a business card!  Well this role is just that – a role and set of responsibilities that any number of people within your organization might play.

To help you better understand the Information leader role, I’ve listed a number of common responsibilities a typical information leader might own: 

  • Ownership of an enterprise information management strategy
  • Business case for – and explanation of business problems being addressed by – data/information investments
  • Data governance and stewardship
  • Program/project management
  • Facilitation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication strategy
  • Data quality definition and measurement
  • Data security and privacy policy definition and compliance monitoring
  • User experience of information consumers (internal and external)
  • Data-centric requirements capture and definition

The Potential at Work for Information Leaders site is currently highlighting three compelling articles:

  1. “Are you keeping your business analysts in the dark?” Your experienced business analysts are arguably the most strategic subject matter experts and influencers within your organization – are you leveraging them to their fullest?
  2. “See big data through a different lens.” While your IT leaders focus on the traditional big data challenges of volume, velocity and variety, information leaders are responsible for a different set of three V’s.
  3. “Whatever you do, don’t lead with the data. Or the governance.” Yes you need data governance, but information leaders must evangelize the business benefits to business leaders before diving into the details.

Through the Potential at Work for Information Leaders community, I look forward to sharing fresh, new ideas with you to promote the value of information management from a variety of thought leaders every month.    Be sure to sign up now!

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