MDM Hits It Out of the Ballpark at Informatica World!

“MDM Hits It Out of the Ballpark at Informatica World.” I heard that comment from not just one, but from many Informatica World attendees. I smiled, but inquired further, “What makes you say that?” Each of them gave a different answer.

One was a long–time Informatica MDM customer, who really liked the MDM Day.  His Pharmaceutical company had acquired Informatica MDM more than six years ago, when the product was called Siperian MDM Hub. He very much liked the fact that we resurrected the Siperian User Conference into MDM Day. He enjoyed hearing the MDM use cases and implementation best practices from 8 different customers—Thomson Reuters, Lawson Products, Allergan, Nordstrom, Hewlett Packard, Logitech, St. Jude Medical, and Maersk Line—3 different system integration partners—Lumen Data, Cap Gemini, Tata Consultancy Services, and 1 customer and partner at the same time—PricewaterhouseCoopers. He said that he learned a lot about the latest and greatest MDM product capabilities, upcoming revolutionary Universal MDM architecture, and implementation tricks to build great MDM solutions from Informatica MDM’s development, architecture, and customer success leaders. He was not alone in giving this great feedback. It also came from over 300 MDM Day attendees.

I caught up with another attendee whom I noticed was attending every single MDM session at Informatica World; we have many of them presented by 8 MDM customers, 2 system integration partners, and 7 Informatica personnel. She was a prospective MDM customer from a manufacturing company, who was learning how MDM can help her organization improve many business processes, and of which the most important one she mentioned was the ability to improve cross-sell and up-sell, for which she needed to understand which customers bought what products and through what channels. She said she liked the presentation on Universal MDM and how Informatica MDM powers it. Read today’s press release on this subject to learn the latest Informatica MDM 9.6 capabilities including in-memory architecture to speed up operations.

I chatted with a system integrator who has recently become an Informatica partner. He was thrilled to learn in-depth technical details about Informatica MDM and Informatica Cloud MDM at the Hands-on-Lab. He said that this will enable him to better implement the Informatica MDM products for his customers.

It was very energizing for me to meet many people who share a passion for MDM. As I reflect on my conversations with them and the feedback they gave, it’s true that  “MDM Hit It Out of the Park at Informatica World!”

Did you attend MDM Day and the MDM sessions at Informatica World? If so, I’d love you hear your feedback. Please enter it in the comments box below.

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