When was Your Last B2B Integration Health Check?

If you haven’t updated your B2B integration capabilities in the past five years, are you at risk of being left behind?  This is the age of superior customer experience and rapid time-to-value so speedy customer on-boarding and support of specialized integration services means the difference between winning and losing business.  A health check starts with asking some simple questions:

  1. How long does it take you to on-board new external partners so you can start sharing data? More than 2-3 weeks and you are potentially behind your peers
  2. Who does the on-boarding of new partners, business analysts or IT?  Current best practices point to business analysts empowered to take over this role
  3. Do you have to write or modify scripts to add a new partner?  Maximizing reuse and minimizing coding is a key success factor for controlling THealth checklistCO of any B2B integration platform
  4. Is your current solution scalable to meet the needs of the business as it grows?  Scalability is often the Achilles’ Heal of home grown or point solutions
  5. How quickly can you support new regulatory or industry standards?  More than 4 months and it’s probably too long to meet business needs to stay compliant or enter new markets
  6. How well do you support non-standard B2B exchanges such as Excel or PDF’s?  If re-keying is the solution, you are not alone but new B2B platforms afford another way

If you didn’t score well, you are not alone as many of our peers are in similar situations.  The question now becomes, what can you do about it, why its important to address the situation and what are your peers doing.  To that point, the best thing is to hear what one of your peers did when faced with the same questions.

We’re hosting a session with IDC and Zyme Solutions to address some of these questions.  You’ll learn what you can do to develop a business case to upgrade your current B2B capabilities and hear a case study to provide some facts and data on how B2B is a core part of your competitive advantage.

REGISTER HERE:  IDC and Zyme Solutions discuss how to take your B2B data integration strategy to the next level.

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