Enterprise Data Archiving Is White Hot

Informatica recently hosted a webinar on Enterprise Data Archiving Best Practices with guest speakers, Tony Baer from Ovum and Murali Rathnam from Symantec IT.  With over 600 registrations, I would say that enterprise data archiving is not hot, it is white hot.  At least for Informatica.  With Big Data entering the data center, organizations are looking for ways to make room – either in the budget or in the data center itself.  Archiving is a proven approach that achieves both.  Given the complexities and interconnections of enterprise applications, Enterprise Data Archive solutions based on market leading technologies such as Informatica Data Archive, can deliver on the value proposition while meeting tough requirements. 

During the webinar, we wanted to hear from our attendees about their experience with archiving and share best practices.  In a live interactive poll, we posed three questions – see how they responded.

First we asked about archiving experiences. We wanted to understand what type of data the represented organizations were actively archiving. From the results, it was good to see that a majority of attendees is already archiving.

Even more interesting was that more than one-third is already archiving both structured and unstructured data – enterprise data archiving at its best!

When asked what benefits attendees planned to realize from their archive strategy, the popular answers were compliance to retention policies and regulations and improving application performance.


Only 15% said they were looking to reduce infrastructure costs.  This is an interesting perspective given that most IT organizations who conduct Business Value Assessments with Informatica justify a solution based on IT infrastructure cost savings.

Finally, we asked about future plans and interest in archiving to the cloud considering the cost savings opportunities cloud-platforms offer. The majority of respondents, 38%, stated that they have not adopted a cloud archive strategy. A little more than one-fourth are on the fence with 28% are in various stages of considering a cloud archive strategy – citing concerns about security and governance.

The cloud archive market has yet to mature, but is showing signs of growth.

Finally, words of wisdom from both Tony and Murali on Enterprise Data Archiving best practices? Make sure there is a business case and make sure the business is involved. To hear more, click here to listen to the webinar replay.

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