Payers… HIMSS 2013 is the Right Place, Right Time and It is Definitely On in Booth 5005

How can we gain market share?  How can we effectively engage consumers through marketing? Our payer clients are telling us that they need to understand and use the data they have to answer these questions and create a competitive advantage.

Join Informatica in booth 5005 to learn how 84 of the Fortune 100 and >200 healthcare organizations are already powering their potential with data.

Think about this – you sit in meeting after meeting where everyone asks how do we compete better tomorrow? What can we do to differentiate ourselves? The first step in doing something better is understanding what you are doing today; being able to confidently state what’s working and what’s not. When it comes to competing for market share, most organizations can’t do this. We inadvertently continue behaviors which are high cost and low value instead of encouraging lower cost, higher value behaviors. Why when that seems counterintuitive? Because leaders don’t know which behaviors are delivering high value and which are not. They aren’t given complete and accurate data to analyze the results and costs. Further, decisions to change behaviors are made at an executive level but are hard to change on the front line.


Stop by booth 5005 during HIMSS. Informatica’s solutions unlock organizational potential with trustworthy data.

Learn more about the solutions in our booth by listening to this quick overview: Informatica HIMSS Overview

Any questions, let me know, otherwise I look forward to seeing you in NOLA!

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