Ballooning Data Sets Cause Application Performance Problems

According to a 2011 Ovum survey, 85% of respondents cited ballooning data sets as the cause of application performance problems. Many IT organizations fell short in 2012 letting unmanaged data growth impact the business. This year, Informatica is witnessing a surge of interest in Enterprise Data Archive solutions. This interest is being created because executives want to invest in innovative technologies for real-time and operational analytics. Yet, with little to no IT budget increase, IT leaders are getting creative.

Businesses are moving from on premises applications to Software as a Service (SaaS) freeing up time and resources – yet the legacy application being replaced all too often stays in the data center consuming costly resources. IT leaders are recognizing the quick win of retiring legacy applications. An application retirement strategy supports data center consolidation and application modernization initiatives – while ensuring data is retained to meet regulatory compliance and business needs. Significant cost savings are realized because mainframe systems can be turned off, maintenance costs go away. With this new source of revenue, executives can fund their analytics projects and drive competitive operations.

Application retirement projects are just one way to free up budget.  When business transactional data transcends ERP, CRM, email and content management systems, managing and maintaining records retention schedules require a new strategy. Deploying an enterprise data archive solution that consolidates data from across the enterprise – both on premises and in the cloud – minimizes the amount of duplicate copies of data exist in the data center. For instance, archiving customer records from ERP, CRM, email, content management, and e-commerce systems to a single, searchable, indexed archive platform removes stale, aged data from production systems. Removing duplicate records and ‘dead weight’ from these systems has a profound impact on improving application performance. So much, in fact, that many of Informatica’s archive customers are able to improve application performance by 60-80% with the infrastructure they have. IT avoids costly server upgrades as a result of getting more mileage out of existing servers.

For data-driven organizations, application data archival should be a core building block of an enterprise information lifecycle management and data integration strategy especially in heterogeneous application IT landscapes. Many are leveraging these best practices to free up budget for more exciting and innovative analytical applications.

To continue this conversation, join Tony Baer, Principal Analyst at Ovum, Murali Rathnam, Director IT at Symantec and me – Julie Lockner, vice president, ILM Solutions at Informatica, in a webinar discussing best practices for managing data growth with enterprise data archiving.

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