Introducing GovernYourData.com!

I’m excited to officially announce the public launch of www.GovernYourData.com, a new one-stop data governance resource center and online community hosted and sponsored by Informatica.    This vendor-neutral site is open to all data governance stakeholders, solution providers and thought leaders (no relationship with Informatica is required) and we welcome any non-promotional content and contributions that share best practices, tips and tricks that aim to help data governance evangelists succeed. 





The website will provide a number of free resources including:

  • Community Discussions. Open discussion forums to discuss best practices and trends, and to solicit advice from your peers.
  • Blogs. Posts from data governance thought leaders such as Jim Harris, Richard Northwood, and Sunil Soares plus a feed on the home page of Informatica’s non-product specific data governance blogs – including my blog and posts from other Informatica experts.
  • Events Calendar.  Ongoing, we identify and share information on any relevant industry events in which a data governance practitioner could benefit.
  • Resource Toolbox.    We provide access to recommended white papers, industry analyst research, books, videos and other useful links.
  • Free Assessment Tools. We’ve made available two valuable assessment tools from Informatica: (1) Our data governance maturity assessment and (2) our Business Opportunity Prioritization tool.   I encourage you to check out these tools and feel free to use them for your own organization to help facilitate data governance discussions and strategies.  I’m very proud of both of these tools, I hope you like them as much as I do.

To learn more about this exciting new data governance resource, click here to read the full press release.   And of course, go to www.GovernYourData.com and register to join the community!

Looking forward to engaging with you there!


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