NYSE + ICE = Double Derivatives Power?

Right before Christmas, I was delighted to read about the proposed merger between the New York Stock Exchange and Intercontinental Exchange. ICE and  NYSE have been customers that we on the Informatica Ultra Messaging team have been working with for several years. NYSE Technologies leveraged our high performance messaging as part of their direct feeds market data solution that lowered latencies across dozens of Wall Street firms around the globe. I first ran across ICE as a competitor to Enron online while I was working at UBS Energy. Over the last 12 years, I’ve seen them go from an upstart exchange to a worldwide derivatives powerhouse. What struck me most about working with ICE has been their dedication to small crack teams and the willingness to balance aggressive use of technology  (like taking a chance on a seven person startup :-)) with their total commitment to reliability and customer service.

At a visit to ICE’s Atlanta offices last summer, I was impressed by the framed article in many of the managers’ offices explaining how ICE had  topped the league table for most revenue per employee in the United States across all industries. The idea that ICE would be acquiring the New York Stock Exchange was laughable in 2001; however, in my opinion, this shows once again that good things happen if a management team sticks to its core purpose, has a well-defined acquisition strategy, and continues to innovate. I should know, it is for these reasons that I am at Informatica. The technologies that we have built and acquired demonstrate to our customers like ICE and NYSE that we remain committed to helping them solve their big data movement, big data analytics, and big data integration challenges. Informatica’s aggressive support for Hadoop, Cloud Integration, high performance messaging, data replication and archiving across a vast array of partner database solutions will continue to help these customers as we see the fruit of this merger in the coming years.

To hear more about our messaging partnership, watch this video from  CIO, Edwin Marcial, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrEhYIulZKs.

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