UK ICO Takes a Firm Hand on Data Breaches

Since announcing that it issued 68 warning notices for data security lapses for the first half of 2012, (up 48 per cent from 46 the previous year), the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a a series of further serious fines to the likes of local councils and charities.

It’s clear that the ICO is turning up the heat against data breaches. With more warnings and fines issued for data security lapses than ever before, the writing is clearly on the wall for businesses that are failing to keep their data under lock and key.

However, rather than relying on the ICO’s external deterrents, organisations need to ensure that they are bypassing this vulnerability altogether. This is possible. Implementing more sophisticated tools in order to take total control over their valuable data assets is a good first step.

Furthermore, technologies like data masking are ideal for putting the control back in the hands of businesses. It allows then to flexibly establish parameters that protect against data breaches in the first place. Consequently, organisations are also able to avoid the hefty fines that result from data breaches.

In today’s information economy organisations of all shapes and sizes are recognising that their data is one of their biggest and most valuable assets. In the eyes of regulatory boards and customers alike, data breaches are just not acceptable. Unauthorised individuals looking to profit illicitly from their customer’s valuable data can be stopped in their tracks if organisations get to the root of the problem and take the right action now to armour themselves.

How can organisations afford not to?

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