Want to Keep Your Job?

“Only those who constantly retool themselves stand a chance of staying employed in the years ahead.” – Thomas J. “Tom” Peters

This is a pretty powerful statement. Powerful because it incites an emotional reaction while at the same time forcing a person to step outside of their comfort zone. The emotional reaction comes from hearing the words ‘staying employed’ – as this is something that is important to most of us. Taking us outside of our comfort zone is the self-scrutiny that this quote naturally generates.  What are we doing to advance our skills, tools and knowledge to keep pace with what is going on all around us?

Retooling is defined as:

  • Equip (a factory) with new or adapted tools;
  • Adapt or alter (someone or something) to make them more useful or suitable.

In today’s workplace learning a new technology or adapting to a new way of doing things is a necessity.   And, any way you look at it retooling yourself will require that you go through some kind of change. There is always a bit of fear when you are in the midst of change; especially change that you have no control over.

Thinking about retooling hit home to me. It became very apparent how much we changed in launching the new Informatica Certified Professional program. Talk about taking people out of their comfort zones! Everything changed … new tools, new requirements, new rules – the list is long.  So, in the midst of all these changes are we doing a good job in helping people know how to be successful?

It’s true the new exams are challenging, but preparation before testing is key to being successful. Have you seen our Q&A video that addresses common questions we receive about all the changes? If not I suggest you have a look.  Are you aware of our recent offer to test your readiness? We have a complimentary prep class which is designed to walk you through understanding the skill set inventory, helping you self-assess if you are ready to test and provide a strategy for study.

We are here to help you as you as you ’retool’ yourself by certifying on Informatica 9.x.  Keep talking to us; we are listening and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at certification@informatica.com.



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