Are Data Nerds Destined to Rule the World?

Just finished reading the McKinsey quarterly on “Putting Big Data and Advanced Analytics to work.”  It is an interesting article that hits on the need to have people who understand data and understand the business.

The short-term problem is that if you’ve developed a new model that predicts or optimizes, how do you get your frontline managers to use it? That’s always a combination of simple tools and training and things like that. Then there’s a medium-term challenge, which is “How do I upscale my company to be able to do this on a broader scale?”

I would only argue that this is not restricted to just “big data.”  The need to have people with a combination of data, people and business skills has been true for many years, certainly since the business intelligence and data integration markets took off in the past 10-15 years.  It doesn’t make any difference what the discipline is, marketing, social sciences, hard sciences, engineering,  understanding the meaning of data along with understanding the core aspects of whatever you are doing, is becoming a skill that the 21st century knowledge worker is going to have to master if they want a successful career.

So does that mean that pretty soon, everyone will have to embrace a little of their inner data nerd ?

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