The Democratization of Big Data: Bringing Hadoop to the Masses

James Markarian: Strata Conference + Hadoop World Keynote

Much of the heavy lifting involved with Big Data projects is accessing and preparing the data for analysis or what is often referred to as data integration. This can easily consume up to 80% of a big data development effort and yet too many developers resort to reinventing the wheel by hand-coding custom connectors, data parsers, and data integration transformations. Why not leverage a metadata-driven, codeless IDE with pre-built transformations and data quality rules so that custom development time can better be spent where it’s truly needed? Codeless environments have proven to be up to 10 times more productive than hand coding, are less error prone and easier to maintain. The skills are already out there and available from in-house IT or system integrators making it possible to get your projects running and into production quickly.

This keynote is sponsored by Informatica


James Markarian: Strata Conference + Hadoop World Keynote

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