Lean Data Management is Finally Here!

Several Informatica bloggers have been writing about Lean Data Management for about a year including Agile Data Integration, Open Data, and Lean Data Warehouse to name a few.  And now the book is finally available from book stores.  OK, to be fair, the book is about the broader topic of Lean IT and I was one of eight authors that contributed to it; I wrote the chapter on Lean Data Management: The Invisible Dimension. Here is the introduction to the chapter:

“Traditional data management techniques that work well at a departmental or system level are incomplete and insufficient for addressing enterprise data management needs. Lean principles and techniques, which have matured over many years in other process areas, can be combined with traditional practices to form Lean data management. As a result organizations can become data driven— where data is an asset that serves as a competitive differentiator.”

The book is titled Run Grow Transform: Integrating Business and Lean IT, from CRC Press, and is available at Amazon and other booksellers. The other authors are all thought leaders and practice leaders in applying Lean techniques.  The list includes well-known authors such Steven Bell, Charles Betz, Troy DuMoulin, Paul Harmon, Sandra Foster and Mary Poppendieck.  Even the six-page forward by Daniel T. Jones is worth the price of the book alone!

For Informatica’s vision and point of view on the subject, check out Lean Data Management.


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