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We launched Informatica University onDemand two weeks ago and it is an entirely new offering for both our company and our customers. As we were building the program, I was reminded of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway when he rubbed two sticks together to make fire. Launching onDemand has been like creating fire because we had all the raw materials. We just had to ask ourselves how to make the fire. Our sticks are our instructors and content ninjas.

Since launching two weeks ago, we have customers ranging from a very large industrial goods company, software firms, a prestigious university and a number of other customers that have embraced the Informatica University onDemand service and have started there learning journeys. We look forward to sharing the results of their journeys in future posts.

In launching the onDemand program for Informatica University we asked ourselves a really simple question: “What are our trademark strengths?”

Our trademark strengths are the Informatica University instructors and content ninjas. Both our instructors and content ninjas share a common core ingredient which is their high rate of learning and ability to share that learning in a way that is engaging. Informatica University has been doing this for over 15 years in the classroom but as Informatica grows we wanted to find a way to share our resources’ knowledge and insight with our customers and deliver the classroom to them.

onDemand is:

  1. Designed to scale but offers support so the learner is never alone.
  2. Designed for constant access so that students can review material to keep their skills fresh.
  3. Being able to practice labs at the students’ convenience.

In my last post, I promised to provide samples of our latest offerings and the links to those are below:

I invite you to review these and in our future posts, our content ninja’s and instructors will provide more details on each of these three offerings were built.  Enjoy!

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