Are You Ready for Informatica University onDemand Training?

Sometimes when I watch TV, even with hundreds of channels, I believe I am going to find something interesting to watch and am often mistaken. With onDemand television programming, I can always find what I want, when I want it and watch it on my own time. When I want to pause, I pause. When I want to save, I save. It is what I want, when I want it and it is easy to find what I am looking for because things are organized clearly.

How do we take that same model and provide customers with the same flexibility for their training needs? Because there is nothing like knowing that you can implement and upgrade your Informatica products on time and within budget.

All over the world, our customers are faced with developing their product skills and competency in the face of:

  • Declining training and travel budgets
  • Demands to reduce project risk
  • Demands for access to training anytime, anywhere

To satisfy these demands and provide overwhelmed professionals with alternatives, Informatica developed our onDemand solution that brings the classroom to our customers. Now they can learn on their time.

Visit Informatica University for more information. Over the course of the next four weeks, we will share:

  1. Free samples of our onDemand modules
  2. Weekly blogs providing tips and tricks
  3. Whitepapers and tools to share knowledge and best practices
  4. Access to our instructors who will host routine teleconferences to share advanced topics.



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