Informatica Certification: Why Performance-Based Testing?

Why performance based testing? Performance based testing measures your ability to apply your knowledge and achieve a specific outcome. Customer success demands that a practitioner’s ability to implement, configure and use our products is validated.

Informatica has transitioned from a certification that was achieved by passing a series of multiple choice, internet based exams to a fully proctored process with exams that provide a measurement of a person’s ability to achieve an outcome. The desire to evaluate a practitioner’s ability to apply required skills drove the decision to include performance based testing as a key component in our new Informatica Certified Professional (ICP) program. Professional level certification is achieved by passing a performance based, hands-on exam. The test taker is presented with a customer business problem or scenario and given a full day to develop and deploy a working solution. All this is done in a virtual lab environment accessed in an authorized testing center. The end result is a validation of the test takers ability to apply required skills and capability in a standard project implementation.

The Professional level exam is rigorous. It is based on the internal testing required of our own professional services consultants as we believe that external consultants need to be held to the same standard as our own people to ensure customer success. Passing the exam is a testament to the skills of the person and sets an expectation on project implementation performance. A recent study by Constellation Research shows that performance based testing has become a requirement that customers expect from any certification program.

While this approach to certification is still relatively new, the exams are based on real world situations and require a high level of investment to implement and deliver.  According to Prometric, “The future of testing has arrived and a combination of innovative technology and a holistic view of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to measure competency will take us into the next generation of assessments.”  Many believe that hands-on testing in a virtual or simulated environment is the only way to measure skills and ability, not memorization.

Are you ready to validate your ability to deliver successful outcomes to your customers?

For more information on the new Informatica Certified Professional  program please contact certification@informatica.com.

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