3 Responses to Seven Reasons Why Using a Spreadsheet for a Business Glossary Won’t Cut It

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  2. Derek Newton says:

    Informatica Metadata Manager won’t cut it either. Informatica claims its an ‘enterprise class’ tool, but it falls very short. It was specifically created for PowerCenter… not for business users. When a product manager tells me that Informatica never intended the use of the Business Glossary as a Data Dictionary and never intended on loading down the Business Glossary down with thousands of business terms, that immediately throws up a red flag.

    Its true that it is much better than using a spread sheet, but it fails in many ways as a ‘enterprise class’ product compared to other true metadata management products on the market. Of course, when a product comes ‘free’ with a suite, what is one to expect.

    • Roger Nolan says:

      Hi Derek,

      I appreciate your feedback on Informatica Metadata Manager & Business Glossary. I’m not sure why you think that the product is not ‘enterprise class.’ MM&BG is successfully in production in hundreds of customer sites around the world. It is being used for IT change management, regulatory compliance, and increasingly for data governance initiatives across a wide variety of businesses and industries. For example, a customer in Europe recently won an industry award for their use of MM&BG as part of their Solvency II compliance initiative.

      The MM&BG product has two user interfaces; Metadata Manager for the IT staff and Business Glossary for business users. Both are continuing to evolve to meet the needs of those specific user groups. The Business Glossary is successfully being loaded up with thousands of business terms and is proving its scalability in very demanding customer environments.

      I’ve sent you a separate email and we can have a chat if you want to discuss further. I’d be happy to share more evidence of how customers are addressing their challenges wit MM&BG.


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