Informatica Certification: Demonstrate Your Skills and Ability

Informatica customers are faced with many options when selecting vendors and services, and it isn’t simply pricing that drives the decision making process. To be noticed today, data integration professionals need the credentials and reputation that official certification can provide.

Now, more than ever, it comes down to proven qualifications when making a vendor or staffing choice.  Certification provides the assurance that the required skills have been demonstrated and validated for project success. A recent study by Constellation Research confirms that “peace of mind” deployments are the number one thing that companies expect from solution providers. Certification brings peace of mind that the project team has the right skills needed to do the job. Enabling our partners and customers to demonstrate their skills objectively is the driving force behind the transformation of Informatica’s new certification program.

The new Informatica Certified Professional program exams measure required skills in core competencies for standard project implementations. All exams are focused on outcome and ability to participate successfully on a project team. Informatica Certified Associate exams are rigorous and are the first step in proving project teams have the right skills to support project success.

We agree that reputation is personal and definitely counts for a lot as one markets oneself and their abilities; there is no argument here. But, to truly set oneself above their peers, demonstration of skills and knowledge by completing certification processes gives practitioners an edge, and gives customers confidence and peace of mind in the staffing selection process.

And, let’s face it; re-certification has to be part of the process.  It isn’t enough to have been certified on an older product version many years ago. Professions across multiple industries have re-certification requirements. This allows practitioners to demonstrate current skills and abilities and they are obligated to keep certifications up-to-date. Under the new Informatica Certified Professional program, we are formalizing our re-certification policy, and requiring all those certified in version 8 certifications to re-certify in 9.x to maintain their credentials. We are also adopting an exam retirement policy, where we will retire exams as the associated product version retires.

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from your competition, invest in your employees’ growth and development and build a reputation as a leading edge services provider? If so, register to ensure your skills and the skills of your team are current. If you have any questions about the Informatica Certified Professional program, contact us at certification@informatica.com .

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8 Responses to Informatica Certification: Demonstrate Your Skills and Ability

  1. Noor says:

    Had few questions on the number of certification attempts. Reached out to the mail id given in this article atleast 4 times, never got any reply. Earlier, reached out on a different question, got a reply after 2 reminders.

  2. Eva Chase says:

    I’m sorry you haven’t received a timely reply to your questions. We do have an exam retake policy in place with the new Informatica Certified Professional program. The policy follows:

    • You must wait 2 weeks after the exam to register and retake the exam.
    • You may take the exam up to three times in one year from the date of your first exam attempt.

    Please reach out to me directly if you have any other questions.
    Thank you

  3. Sathya says:

    Hello Eva,

    I am a MSc student studying computing at Birmingham City University, Birmingham, England.

    I am basically interested in ICA PowerCenter Data Integration Developer Exam. When I did ground works further on this exam I came to know there are 2 levels of training that I need to cover which will help me to pass the exam.

    Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 1
    Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 2

    Also I have got the exam pattern, the topics I need to cover to sit for the exam from Informatica communities webpage and Inventory.

    Mapping Design Basic
    Mapping Design Advanced
    Parameters and Variables
    Transformation Language
    Workflows and Worklets
    Architecture & Administration

    I have got to cover numerous subtopics under these above mentioned main topics. Now I am under my way to try my best to cover all these topics but am not satisfied with what I have got. I dont know whether am on right track and I have got right material to clear the exam with good result.

    I need your expertise to assist me to get some good and enough materials to pass this exam in my first attempt.


    • Eva Chase says:

      Hi Sathya

      Thanks for contacting me! You are definitely on a good path by first identifying where you need to study. The ICA exam is challenging and experience working on the product is part of the preparation.

      After our email exchanges earlier today you should have been contacted by training@informatica.com they will help you with our recommendations for learning the product.

      Please ask if you have any other questions.
      Best of luck to you!

  4. Monish Kadolkar says:

    Just like Sathya above, I too want to pass the same 2 exams he had mentioned earlier in his post (namely Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 1 and
    Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 2), in my first attempt itself, but I am not being able to find the right study material which comprehensively covers all the topics and concepts in details which are needed to pass the exam;
    Hence could you please pass me the right study material for this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Monish K.

    Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 1
    Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 2

    • Eva Chase says:

      Hi Monish,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I will connect you with a member of our team who can help answer this in more detail for you. I would be very interested though in hearing what topics and concepts you feel you need help with most. Would you mind sending me a private email at echase@informatica.com ?

  5. Pankaj Pandey says:

    I am a ETL Developer.
    I have experience in other ETL tools Like Microsoft SSIS and Pentaho
    I have been Selected by an Organisation and They Want The Candidate To Be
    Informatica Certified BI Developer. Can you please suggest me the certifications that Will help
    me learn from the Basics of Informatica up till the Higher Level and get certified as well.

    Please Just Dont Give The Names Of Exam, Give me all the details related to it. For Example:
    1. The Exam Code
    2. Syllabus
    3. Fees

    Waiting For Your Response.

    Thanks and Regards
    Pankaj Pandey

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