Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 Release Advances Integration PaaS

Informatica Cloud integration platform as a serviceToday we announced Informatica Cloud Summer 2012, the latest release of our cloud integration applications and integration platform as a service. With this release our continued focus is on building out the cloud platform, which is ideally suited for hybrid IT organizations seeking to keep up with the rapid pace of software-as-a-service (SaaS) application adoption, while ensuring the highest possible return on data – whether it’s cloud-based, social, mobile or on premises. This week and next we’ll be posting a series of articles that will focus on the growing recognition of the importance of data integration to cloud computing success as well as highlighting a few of the new features that will be available to all Informatica Cloud customers with the August upgrade. But to get started, here’s a brief overview of what’s new. 

A key component of the Summer 2012 release is what we call Cloud Integration Templates, which allow complex or simple workflows to be built between systems thereby removing multiple steps from an integration process. Templates can both jump-start an existing cloud integration project and make it even easier to embed Informatica Cloud into SaaS applications and platforms. Later this week I’ll post an interview with Naresh Govindaraj, our Senior Director of Product Management who first had the vision of Cloud Integration Templates. He asked that I highlight the importance of the underlying RESTful API in an email exchange this morning:

“With templates, application developers on all platforms can use the new REST API  to dynamically  set the exposed parameters of the data integration process such as business rules and attribute mappings across different applications. Any complexity in the data integration process is abstracted in the Integration Template and hidden from the application developer, thus making it easy to incorporate the integration process into the application.”

You can watch a demo here and learn how to build and consume templates on the new Informatica Cloud Developer site.

Other capabilities that we announced with the Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 release include:

I’d like to thank the Informatica Cloud development team for continuing to deliver on our cloud integration vision. The Cloud Summer 2012 release is a major step forward for our platform and the feedback that the cloud integration service, as as well as our customer success and support organizations, continue to receive on public forums like the Salesforce.com AppExchange is truly amazing.

If you haven’t taken a trial to experience Informatica Cloud in action, I’d like to encourage you to get started today!

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