A Cloud Connector for Google’s Big Data Analytics

Today Informatica announced that we have joined Google’s Cloud Platform Partner Program, with the introduction of a true cloud-based connector for Google BigQuery. Taking advantage of the power of social media, Google made the announcement through their Developer Blog, noting that the new members of their partner program will, “make it much easier to automatically load data from a broad set of sources, as well as to analyze and visualize the data with spectacular dashboards.

Evan Quin was quick to write about the announcement on the ESG blog. He had this to say:

“In most situations Google’s name carries more sway than Informatica.  In this case, however, the smaller vendor takes on the role of legitimizing the platform vendor.  Bottom line is simple:  You cannot do the vast majority of Big Data projects without data integration technologies, and you cannot hope to successfully host true enterprise applications in your Cloud without full-fledged data integration services.  The roles switched in this case, where Big Data is driving, Informatica rides shotgun giving directions, and Google sits in the back seat thankful for the ride.”

So what does a cloud connector for Google BigQuery mean for you? In conversations we’ve had with organizations considering moving to this new platform, we typically highlight the following benefits of the Informatica Cloud approach:

  • Secure Data Transfer – The Informatica Cloud connector provides a solution for both initial data loading and on-going data synchronization to enable real-time and complete analytics.
  • High Performance and Scalability – If you’re not familiar with the Informatica Cloud architecture, be sure to take a few minutes to understand the power of the Secure Agent, which takes advantage of Informatica’s parallelized, scalable data integration technology to efficiently move very large volumes of data to the Google Cloud.
  • Cloud-Based Solution – Unlike some of the other options listed on Google Blog, Informatica Cloud is available as a subscription and runs as a multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Check out our trust site to see how many integration jobs and transactions we’re running each day via the on-demand service.
  • Simplified Integration – Informatica Cloud is often used by business analysts and operations, SaaS application administrators to set up and schedule data integration tasks. While we also see a great deal of usage from developers and advanced users, it is our focus on simplicity and ease of use that you’ll notice right away when you register for trial.
  • Easy Embeddability –Building a cloud application? Check out this webinar we hosted recently which focuses on the importance of interoperability and integration to cloud computing success. Informatica Cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) features include REST APIs, a Cloud Connector Toolkit and Integration Templates, which allow developers to rapidly embed data integration capabilities.

Google has posted a number of interesting case studies that demonstrate how companies are taking advantage of their platform. You can get started here with Google BigQuery and sign up here if you’re interested in participating in the Informatica Cloud Connector for Google BigQuery early access program.

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