Optus Increases Revenues and Customer Satisfaction Using Data Replication

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, telecom companies need to cement profitable and mutually rewarding relationships with their customers to survive. Recognizing the need to remain relevant and further drive revenue and value, Optus, the Sydney, Australia-based Communications Service provider, designed and created a program that would offer competitive differentiation while addressing the varying needs of its large mobile subscriber base. The main objective of this Mobile Unbilled initiative was to improve customer access to unbilled usage information by allowing subscribers to query their unbilled usage directly through a customer portal as well as to receive proactive alerts when they reach various stages of their regular CAP (80%, 100% and beyond).Optus expected to achieve 3 key benefits through this initiative:

  • Provide new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Reduce customer bill shock and complaints, thereby also reducing costs
  • Increase customer confidence in using Optus products and services

Optus’s architectural design required an easy to use, yet extremely powerful and high performance data replication technology to synchronize their several multi-terabyte Oracle billing system databases to the target Vertica database where subscribers access their information via a web services portal.   After competitive evaluation, Optus selected Informatica Data Replication over all others as the solution that could meet their needs while handling the high volumes of data involved.All key benefits that were expected for the program were quickly realized. Customer satisfaction increased significantly due to the improved alerting and increased access to their current usage and plans.  Revenues have also increased as customers have demonstrated a propensity to upgrade their plan to avoid extra charges when they reach a high usage threshold with days left in the billing cycle. Optus business analysts also get the benefit of now analyzing and mining near-real-time billing system data, allowing more targeted up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to be discovered. Optus now plans to extend its use of Informatica Data Replication to additional BI projects, such as improving the analysis of billing information, supporting ad-hoc queries by multiple business groups, and offloading all analysis and query activity from the core production billing systems.

So – what can replication do for your business?  We’d be happy to explore the possibilities with you!

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