Analytics are Like Cincinnati Chili

Ever been to Cincinnati? They have amazing chili there. Five-way chili it’s called. They stack toppings like cheese, onions, sour cream, etc. to get one, two, up to four way chili. Then chili with all the fixings served on a bed of spaghetti noodles is five-way chili. It is quite an experience and if you go all in for the five-way, it’s quite a meal. I usually take my chili three-way with cheese and onions. And at the risk of drawing the ire of Cincinnatians everywhere, I do not eat my chili on a bed of spaghetti noodles. Too much food, difficult to eat, impractical. So, how is analytics like chili? I’m going to play safe and say that analytics is not really like chili. But you can have it many different ways—at least five ways. So here I’ll outline just three ways – just how I like my chili – that Informatica OEM partners deliver analytics that embed Informatica data integration technology.

Servigistics – Servigistics makes on-premise strategic service management software systems designed to help companies from high-tech, automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries manage their service workforce, parts, pricing and knowledge. When their customers demanded reporting capabilities, Servigistics explored writing code for the underlying data integration. In a previous webinar, Servigistics identified several reasons– performance, ease-of-use, scalability, among others—as reasons why they chose to license Informatica’s technology for embedded data integration as opposed to rolling their own. In the end, the results speak for themselves: 85% of their customers, including their 10 largest installations, have deployed the reporting solutions that embed Informatica.

MicroStrategy – MicroStrategy recently launched a Cloud-based solution, designed to provide a significant share of the multi-subject enterprise analytic capabilities at a fraction of the time and expense you would expect from going through an on-premise enterprise datawarehouse/BI implementation.  It is an admittedly ambitious endeavor that they have taken on, but as you can read in this press release, one that was made more manageable by  establishing an OEM partner arrangement with Informatica. I’ll let you connect directly with MicroStrategy to learn the details of their total solution, but I want to highlight that they are true innovators in the way the solution leverages the InformaticaCloud service to provide an incredibly elegant method for on-boarding data from customers’ on-premise databases to the MicroStrategy Cloud analytic environment.

Noetix -Noetix provides the full spectrum of enterprise business intelligence for Oracle applications from real-time operational reporting to packaged analytics for strategic reporting. Unlike solutions that require weeks of extensive manual mapping to produce a single report, Noetix automatically upon installation delivers answers to hundreds of your most important business questions. Informatica provides Noetix with the embedded data integration technology required to deliver rapid implementation of robust analytics—specifically Informatica enables data access, data transformation, and data mapping for the Noetix solutions. You can view a recorded webinar, here, where VP of Engineering Analytics, Pat Roche, talks about the benefits of establishing an OEM partner arrangement to leverage Informatica’s embedded data integration technology.


So there you have analytics three-ways: first is an analytics and reporting solution for a specific business process/application, next is a cloud–based analytic application, and finally is an on-premise enterprise analytic package. While each solution approaches analytics from a different angle to meet varying customer requirements, there is at least one commonality: none of these best-of-breed companies chose to build their analytics on a bed of spaghetti code. Too much work, too difficult to maintain, impractical. Rather, the development organizations from all three of these companies choose to work with Informatica as an OEM partner to provide industry leading embedded data integration technology.

If you know of other flavors of analytics offerings, send me a note. I would love to hear about them.

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