Five Examples Of How Master Data Management (MDM) Helps Integrate Social Media Data Into Your Business

Are you trying to figure out how to integrate social media data into your business?

A recent poll, taken during a webinar on The Power of Social & Mobile Data, revealed almost 50% of respondents are trying to integrate social media data into their business. Half indicated that the Marketing executive was most interested. For almost 20 percent it’s the Product Development or Merchandising executive.

Using MDM to Integrate Social Media Data into CRM

Informatica customers use social media data, from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to do one of two things:

  • enrich an individual customer’s profile in CRM,
  • customer sentiment analysis.

Our customers told us the biggest challenge they faced before using MDM to integrate social media data was separating the social media data that’s RELEVANT to their business from what isn’t.

I thought you might appreciate these five examples of how our customers are using master data management to integrate social media data into their business.

1)      Ensuring that the Jane Doe on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is the same Jane Doe in the CRM system. Thirteen percent of poll respondents are planning or already using MDM to integrate customers’ corporate profiles in CRM with their social profiles from social networks. Twenty nine percent are thinking about it, but haven’t solidified their plans. What’s interesting to me is 50% hadn’t considered using MDM for integrating social media data, but think it’s a great idea.

2)      Only including Jane Doe’s specific comments, reviews, ratings about their companies, products or services and excluding all irrelevant activity. This helps our customers focus on the information that adds value and is actionable. Some of our customers are also including Jane Doe’s activity on competitive products and services.

3)      Adding friends and family from Jane Doe’s social network into her CRM profile, providing access to the people Jane Doe influences and those who influence her. This is highly beneficial for Marketing since studies such as Friends Versus the Crowd: Tradeoffs and Dynamics show that friends’ recommendations are typically more influential than ratings from the general public.

4)      Including relevant interests or hobbies to improve customer service engagement and targeted marketing offers.

5)      Better understanding customers with real-time sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis holds massive potential for social media marketing, revenue prediction and financial trading. Our customers want to know:

  1. Who are the individuals involved in the conversation?
  2. Are they one of our top customers?
  3. How are these individuals related?
  4. What specific product or service are they talking about?
  5. Are they having issues we should be aware of or resolve immediately?

Are you using master data management to integrate social media into your business?  Please share your thoughts and experiences.  If you want to learn more about how Informatica MDM helps  integrate social media data into your business:


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