Balancing Opportunity and Risk in Big Data

Informatica conducted a recent big data survey of 600 IT and business professionals in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The results found in the report entitled: Balancing Opportunity and Risk in Big Data – A Survey of Enterprise Priorities and Strategies for Harnessing Big Data show that big data has clearly moved beyond all the hype with nearly 70 percent of organizations of all sizes considering, planning, testing, or running big data projects.  While the majority of organizations are focused on big transaction data and analytics, the survey shows a strong interest in social media information, unstructured content, industry-specific data, and machine-generated information from sensors and devices.

With so much data (26% of organizations manage big data of at least 100TB) and a strong interest in a wide variety of both transaction and interaction data, how do organizations turn big data into business value with the #1 business driver being to improve operational efficiency?  Given the recent emergence of big data processing technologies like Hadoop it’s not surprising that the biggest challenge organizations face in managing big data is a lack of maturity in big data tooling (limited reuse, lack of metadata, no visual IDE).  To address these challenges the survey respondents which included individuals from Informatica’s customer database reveal a large percentage use Informatica for big data projects.  Informatica 9.5, the newest release of the Informatica Platform, is engineered expressly to help organizations maximize return on big data.  You can learn more to maximize your return on big data in the white paper “Avoiding a Big Data “Epic Fail”: Maximizing Return on Big Data with Informatica 9.5”.

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