30 MDM Customer Use Cases (Master Data Management in Action)

Master Data Management (MDM) has been used by companies for more than eight years to address the challenge of fragmented and inconsistent data across systems. Over the years we’ve compiled quite a cadre of uses cases across industries and strategic initiatives. I thought this outline of the 30 most common MDM initiatives may be of interest to those of you who are just getting started on your MDM journey.

Although these organizations span different industries, face varied business problems and started with diverse domains, you’ll notice that revenue, compliance and operational efficiency are the most common drivers of MDM initiatives. The impetus is to improve the foundational data that’s used for analysis and daily operations. (Click on the chart to make it larger.)

Did you know?

  1. Informatica MDM is used in 30+ industries including aerospace & defense, agriculture, biotech, education, entertainment, financial services, government agencies and ministries, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, media, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, professional services, publishing, retail, technology, transportation, utilities.
  2. Informatica MDM is mastering 90+ domains including  account, aircraft engine, applicant, B2B and B2C customer, channel partner, contract, clinical trial, compound, counterparty, employee, gas pipe, health care provider (HCP),  investigator, location, member, molecule, organization, patient, person of interest, physician, policy, resort, seed, ship, state license, supplier, train, travelers.
  3. Informatica MDM has been implemented by 15+ systems integrator partners including Accenture, Alliance Consulting, Bearing Point, BusinessEdge, Cognizant, CSC, Deloitte Consulting, EMC Consulting, Galax.E, Highpoint, IBM Global Business Services, Infosys, Myers-Holum, TCS, Unisys, Wipro.

Interested in learning more about how MDM is helping companies drive strategic initiatives?

  1. Check out the Informatica MDM webpage for additional resources like this  Five-Minute Video: Customer Centricity Customer Success Stories
  2. Register for the TDWI Webinar: Is Your Approach to MDM Fixed or Flexible on March 20 at 9 am PT with @DavidLoshin and @Ravi_Shankar_
  3. Attending the Gartner MDM Summit 2012? On April 5, 2012 at 9:30 am Mike Striefel, Director of Enterprise Development & Technology Services at St. Jude Medical will share their MDM Journey delivering repeated business value with Informatica MDM. Meet our team at Booth #9.
  4. Attend Informatica World from May 15-18, 2012 at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. New MDM sessions are continually being added to the agenda.

I hope these varied uses cases by industry and business lead were valuable to you. I welcome your comments below.

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