Where Are the Gaps in Your Data Privacy Solution?

It’s hard to miss data privacy in the headlines these days. Banks and insurance companies have not only had their customer information compromised, but they need to keep up with changing privacy regulations (PCI DSS, GLB, EU Data Protection Directive, US Privacy Laws)—or be fined. The impact is staggering—and costly. For example, last year Citigroup had more information compromised from their 200,000 bank cardholders. HSBC faced $5M in fines for inadequate data security.

But personal information is not the only type of data that needs to be protected. We’ve spoken to our customers about the need to protect sensitive information that includes financial information about a client, revenues, purchasing and pricing information. In addition I’ve spoken to organizations that are looking to keep and protect sensitive information across business units (so that one business unit will have restricted access to another business unit’s data).

But even with the data security solutions today, there continue to be breaches. What are the gaps? Are these gaps in your organization?  For example:

  • Do you have users with privileged access – DBAs, application users? How are you protecting data from these privileged users or super users?
  • Are you responsible for hundreds (or more) applications that each has their own customized privacy solution that is time consuming or costly to maintain?
  • Are you using production data for testing purposes? How are you securing this data?
  • Is your database encryption causing performance degradation?
  • Has tokenization required addition development effort and maintenance due to source code changes and application complexities?

Informatica has a unique solution to address these particular challenges.  Join me for a webinar with Noel Yuhanna March 15th, Overcoming Data Protection and Privacy Challenges in Financial Services. to discuss the particular challenges the financial industry faces, the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions, and why organizations are using Informatica to address the evolving challenges and the gaps of current solutions. Informatica provides an end-to-end solution for data privacy that masks data in non-production environments, including data discovery, masking and audit trail of data masked. Informatica also provides the most innovative data security product on the market, Dynamic Data Masking that masks data in real-time for production databases and applications.

Come see why InfoSecurity awarded Informatica the Most Innovative Security Product of the year!

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