Integrating Social Media with Enterprise Data

While watching a television re-run of House MD a few weeks ago, there was an American Express commercial featuring Tweets from customers who have made purchases with their reward program points.  American Express has taken ‘listening’ to social media data to the next level and is using it to its own advantage.  By giving their customers a forum to Tweet their experiences through socialcurrency.com, they are taking the social media era by storm.

Social networking usage has increased dramatically over the last decade and social network accounts are now commonplace in millions of homes.  By harnessing and integrating social media data into CRM, marketing and other business applications, you can gain real time insight into new product and promotional offers and help identify the right customers for your business.  But leveraging social media data requires integration, and that integration can be lengthy and complex. IT organizations need to be able to access and integrate social media data for their big data projects quickly without additional IT infrastructure or resources to help turn big data integration projects into big opportunities for the business.

When we  introduced Informatica 9.1, we enabled businesses to tap into the social media data stream and integrate it with data from mainframes, databases, appliances, applications and even Hadoop. Social media has become a very important source of feedback for businesses and Informatica equips you with the ability to leverage the data it produces, increase the value it brings and maximize your return on data.

Social media is here and it impacts every business from big global conglomerates to the corner mom and pop shop.

Is your company embracing the challenges social media brings forth or ignoring it and hoping for the best?

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