Mainframe, or Not to Mainframe?

You may think of the mainframe as a thing of the past. Stop. People have been predicting its death for years; there are plenty of old articles about the demise of the mainframe. But reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. The mainframe is more like the Matrix, where it was called The Source. A quick search on the percentage of enterprise data on the mainframe will give you results citing 70 percent of enterprise data still reside on the mainframe. The reality is mainframes are still here and powering the global economy.

But the mainframe does have its challenges. In a recent InfoWorld article, there doesn’t seem to be enough mainframe programmers available, because not only are mainframes being used for core business applications; they are now also being utilized as data servers in the cloud. With mainframe data proliferating and specialized mainframe resources growing scarce, how are enterprises accessing and integrating the data stored on the mainframe fast enough to make business decisions to run their company?

The answer is like the one Morpheus gave in the Matrix: you need to free your code. You need to provide access to the data on the mainframe that doesn’t require mainframe coding. That’s what leading data integration platforms can do today. They allow you to access a wide variety of data sources including the mainframe in a native, secure and codeless manner. Codeless is the key here as it will simplify the access and integration of data. No need for complex scripts from specialized personnel. No need for increased risk of programming errors. Just a single highly performing and scalable data integration platform that delivers the needed data in any latency for right time information availability. This has been a particular specialty of Informatica’s … Since 1993 we’ve been providing market leading data integration software helping customers all over the world maximize the value of their data. Over 45,000 developers worldwide rely on Informatica to deliver timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives.

We are living in a world where hybrid IT is a reality. As companies contemplate how to best integrate data from various data sources, they think about Informatica. Don’t take my word for it. Read what Gartner and our mainframe customers have to say about it.

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