You Can Eat Your Cake … and Your Fork Too!

Informatica has just met a major milestone in achieving Energy Star Rating certification for our headquarters building in Redwood City, California. If you didn’t know – the national energy performance rating is an external benchmark that helps you assess how efficiently your buildings use energy, relative to similar buildings nationwide. Hitting this milestone generates savings of 400,000 kWh which is about 330,000 lbs in CO2 reduction per year. That seems like a lot of gas when you really think about it.

Employees all over the world are driving for improvements in our carbon footprint and at Informatica, it’s no different. The push for greener policies is strong.

Much as corporate citizenship has become an expectation for employees when assessing the merits of a current or prospective employer, the desire to work for a green organization holds equal weight. While we may bemoan the degradable silverware in the cafeteria, where your spoon may melt right into your soup if you eat too slowly, we know that this is one more step towards being respectful to our environment.

Using cutlery made of potato products is not our only contribution to making our planet a healthier place. Our move to a more virtual IT model over the past five years has realized more than 12 million kWh in savings annually for server and cooling energy usage. Understanding kilowatts was never part of my HR studies, but converting that to a currency I do know – this is equivalent to planting 28,760 trees or taking 1,626 cars off the road. Which any commuter out there has to appreciate.

The tech generation is spotting opportunities to combine social networking tools with their desire to help the planet.  Informatica has just launched the Zimride program across North America. Think Facebook meets carpooling. Now employees who sit in the same building, and may not even know each other, can meet virtually and find out who lives nearby and what time they drive to work or who is driving to LA this weekend and has an open spot in the car. You can even check out what kind of music tastes a colleague has before signing up for that potentially slow and painful drive home, though surely a little Justin Bieber in the morning is a small price to pay for improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

From electric car charging stations, on-site recycling to cycling to work, we know Informatica employees are committed to helping the environment.  Even the compostable cutlery has a role to play.

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