Dear Santa…

Back in the good ol’ days, Santa Claus received letters and post cards from children all over the world.  When telephones and faxes became commonplace, they were also used to contact Santa.  In addition to those traditional methods, children today can also use the internet to send emails, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn to notify Santa of their wish list.

If you were one of Santa’s elves today, what would you do if you did not have immediate access to ALL of the data sources?  How would you know which toys to make, how many toys to make and who to deliver them to to meet the holiday deadlines?  Would you go door to door and ask each child what they wished for?

Access is the key here and is critical to providing a timely, relevant and trusted view of the data.  And just like Santa, IT organizations need to retrieve enterprise data from different sources quickly, securely and through a single user interface without having to develop custom data-access programs.  By accessing mission-critical operational data where it’s stored and delivering it where and when it’s needed, your IT organization can maximize its limited resources and the business value of its data.

It’s not too early to start thinking about the 2012 Holidays, so this year, I’m sending my wish list to Santa via Facebook, Twitter and email in case he doesn’t have universal data access.  And I’ve even remembered to include an invite for this May to the world’s premier data integration conference, Informatica World 2012.

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