How Are You Enabling Your Organizations Business Performance?

Are you accelerating your company’s project delivery needs?

Many Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies understand that their mission-critical data must be managed, so if you are a developer with the desire to work faster and better you should think about Informatica University Training and Certification.

Why? Because you can establish yourself as a key resource with the skills and experience to 1) ensure a trusted view of your organization’s business data, 2) to accelerate your company’s project delivery needs, or just 3) to demonstrate that you have the needed skills to provide your business the right information at the right time.

Here are two of the most recent certifications available:

  • Informatica PowerCenter Certified Developer Upgrade exam for version 9.  Informatica PowerCenter is the foundation for eliminating hand coding and scaling to meet the large data volumes, security and performance needs of the enterprise and right now the This upgrade exam allows those already certified in v8 to keep up-to-date and demonstrate that they continue to be a trusted resource in their organization.
  • Informatica Master Data Management offers a single trusted view of your business by resolving data inconsistencies and eliminating data duplication. Informatica University has the training you need to gain skills Configuring Informatica MDM Multidomain.  This along with project experience implementing an MDM Hub could establish you as having the requisite knowledge to be effective configuring the hub and make you a valued addition to any MDM project

Is your name included in the Database of Informatica Certified Professionals as an Informatica Certified Professional? If not, maybe it should be! If you register before December 31st for either of these exams you can receive 50% off the standard registration fee.

How do I find more information about Informatica University?

You can learn more about Informatica Professional Certification and associated exams by:

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