The Future of Applications (4): Transforming to a Data-Centric Enterprise

This is my fourth blog in a series on the subject of “Informatica & Applications”.  You can read my previous blogs here:

In the era of big data we are seeing “big” changes in how customers are collaborating.  These changes are forcing enterprises to review how they interact with their customers and transform their business processes.

For too long we have built applications that treat human beings as impersonal entities – account numbers in banking; telephone numbers in telcos; and social security numbers in healthcare.  A big lesson that the social network is teaching us is that we all want to be treated as human beings.  We want to be appreciated for who we are, and that is not an asset on a balance sheet!

The social network is all about relationships – relationships that enterprises are now increasingly interested in.  In fact those relationships are really only an extension of the relationships which exist inside the enterprise.  Technologies like multi-domain master data management allow enterprises to pull together data about customers from across multiple operational applications and then ensure that each such application uses the correct representation for that customer’s data – very cool!  However, it also brings together relationships across enterprise applications so that we know who is related to whom, and what they have purchased.

This is all great – but think how much further we can take it by tapping into the social network?  Now we can truly understand who our customers really are – we can see what their true preference are and what they really like (great for inviting them to the next hospitality event), and who they are connected to.  We can deliver value right into their favorite social media application (whether that is Facebook or Google+).

In the era of big data it’s time to look long and hard at how we build applications – or more precisely where we build them.  Just a few weeks back I was talking to a major Australian Bank who was looking at how the world of mobile and social is changing the game of customer satisfaction Down Under.  Is it changing the game for you also?  Are you even thinking about how to embrace social and mobile technologies within your application portfolio?  Are you still building applications in the traditional manner – or are you looking at building applications in Facebook in order to get closer to your customers?

Are you ready to transform your world from old-fashioned application silos to a data-centric value world in which you think about the data first and the delivery of data second?

Informatica is!

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