Gartner Points to Marketplaces as Key 2012 Trend

Recently, Gartner highlighted the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2012. Amongst the usual suspects of Cloud computing, social user experience, and mobile applications, App Stores and Marketplaces were highlighted for the first time. According to the report:

“Application stores by Apple and Android provide marketplaces where hundreds of thousands of applications are available to mobile users. This will grow from a consumer-only phenomena to an enterprise focus.”

While B2B Marketplaces aren’t new in the industry (remember the Ariba Marketplace?), the explosion in popularity of consumer/mobile App Stores has raised the visibility of how effective this model can be. By providing related applications or extensions of functionality to a company’s core product set in a manner that is quickly and easily accessed by customers and prospects, companies can present a more complete product set, engage more effectively with partners and increase their visibility within the industry.

While salesforce.com has been a pioneer in this space with the AppExchange, more and more companies are investing in this area. Jive has created an Apps Market where companies can bolt applications into their platform, Splunk has an established marketplace in Splunkbase and Citrix has been leveraging its Citrix Ready program to educate its customers on related technologies that are certified on the platform.

Here at Informatica, our Marketplace has been growing in popularity and the amount of traction within our customer base as well as the partner community has been incredible. With hundreds of solutions and tens of thousands of visitors each month, we’ve been able to grow by 500% in our first year.  It’s always exciting to be on the forefront of a new technology trend and it will be fascinating to see how far this concept will evolve in the coming year!

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