Social Media’s Impact: How MDM Enables Social Media

As a disruptive technology, Social Media is having a profound impact on companies. Given that Social Media is here to stay, several best-in-class companies are capitalizing on it to gain first-mover advantage and differentiate themselves from the competition.

But challenges remain. Do you know that companies rated “understanding how different customer segments engage with us” as the topmost challenge? And their topmost concern? – “There is already a lot of social media dialog about us that we are not part of”.

Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner of Retail Systems Research, conducted a recent survey about how best-in-class retailers are leveraging social media. In this survey, the respondents mention that they “don’t yet know how to integrate Social Media with current CRM/ loyalty and merchandising systems.”

Brian will discuss the detailed results of the survey in a webinar on October 12. You can register for that webinar here.

Master Data Management (MDM) reconciles the corporate identity of a customer with his/her Social Media identity. With that, it helps companies augment the understanding of their customers, and helps enable social eCommerce.

I will join Brian in the webinar to discuss how best-in-class companies are using MDM to harness social media data to improve performance.

Using an interactive discussion format, Brian and I will banter key challenges that companies face when tuning into their customers’ dialogues in social media channels. We will elucidate how best-in-class retailers are harnessing social media data to delight customers, better manage their brand, improve e-commerce operations and increase revenues. In closing, Brian and I will list seven actionable steps to capitalize on the immense business opportunities that social media offers.

Want to harness social media?  Participate in this live, interactive webinar. Register now!


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