The Future of Applications (3): Enhancing Apps to Modernize Business Processes

This is my third blog in a series on the subject of “Informatica & Applications”.  You can read my previous blogs here:

In my last blog I wrote about how you can start looking at the mass of applications within your IT environments and start making harsh decisions about cutting costs and reducing complexity.  This will enable you to make real inroads into lowering the cost of simply maintaining and operating your IT environment – otherwise known as “Keep-the-lights-on” or “KTLO”.  One reason to lower KTLO costs is so that you can can allocate more funding into new, or enhanced, or innovative, applications.  This is the subject of this blog …

We are all facing massive changes in our computing environments – changes brought about by the adoption of cloud computing, social media and mobile technology.  Keeping ahead of our competitors requires us to learn about these changes, develop new innovative applications and embrace cloud-based applications or data held off-premise in the social network to supplement traditional on-premise development activities.

Business users continue to ask for enhancements to existing applications, or new implementations of applications, in order to provide them with the information they need – when they need it.  The role of data integration has never been more critical in helping to meet this requirement.  A cloud based application is nothing different from an on-premise application – except it is now running on a set of servers beyond your firewall and you are no longer in control of it.  Clearly the most important element of an application that must remain in your control is the data – after all it is your “IP” and you own it. 

As you embark on application modernization initaitives within this hybrid world, data migration is the essential capability to ensure that these new applications have the right data in them!  However, populating new applications with trusted quality data is simply the first step – you then need to ensure that your new applications remain clean!  Hand-coding is a terrible mistake since you lose lineage and accountability while introducing unmaintanable “soon to be legacy” code into your world – and returning back to more KTLO costs!

The answer is an enterprise data integration platform that is comprehensive enough to cover all your requirements in this hybrid world, open to cover all data sources that you have today (and may have tomorrow), and unified to drive developer productivity. 

This is where Informatica comes in – we provide award-winning cloud data integration to handle the modern hybrid enteprise that simply extends the capabilities that you have become familiar with within your traditional on-premise world.  To ensure your applications don’t just become another set of poor quality applications with bad data which are not fully leveraged you should consider data quality and master data management for enhancing your applications – whether on-premise or in the cloud – with trusted authoritative data.

Clearly building new applications is not Informatica’s business – however ensuring that applications are connected and full of trusted authoritative data is definitely the business we are in.  Whether you are embarking on an application modernization program, adding cloud capabilities or embracing the social network you will need to remain in control of your data.

Learn how Information has helped EMC, HealthNow, and Station Casinos build a better application environment by focusing on the data to deliver better business results.

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