Ultra Messaging Efficiency For Better Agility and Scalability

Our first post in this series on Efficiency covered the high-level performance benefits of super-efficient messaging software, whether you measure for latency or throughput, since efficiency is the property of software that provides performance. “Ultra-low latency” is just another term for extremely fast, lean, efficient execution. For more, see the post: Ultra Messaging is Also High-Throughput, High-Availability, Lower-TCO Messaging.

Our next post covered 24×7 availability, reliability and lower TCO from this efficiency. Less hardware and fewer software processes to touch the data in transit between applications provides these benefits. For more, see the post Ultra Messaging: For 24×7 High Availability, Lower TCO, and Robust Reliability.

This post discusses how the same Ultra Messaging efficiency that provides performance, reliability, and lower TCO also provides great agility and near-linear scalability. And with today’s Big Data challenges, especially in the capital markets, efficiency is more prized than ever.

  • Agility – With no central servers to maintain, the process to upgrade or add applications is straightforward and streamlined. Just add a new application server, regrade the workload, and you’re ready to deploy. Less hardware and software to maintain means better agility and faster time to market. The same lightweight, decentralized design of Ultra Messaging that provides excellent performance also contributes to better business and IT agility, and therefore, higher revenues and more profits.
  • Near-Linear Scalability – As with performance, efficiency is the key here. Efficient messaging software frees up scarce and expensive hardware and network resources by using less of them, and therefore, maximizing the volume data you can send per CPU or core, per network router or switch, etc. This buys more headroom now and into the future, deferring hardware upgrades that are driven by the need for more performance. So just like a hybrid car gets many miles per gallon of gas due to efficiency, and has better agility because it is thin and lightweight, likewise UM can send many millions of messages per second and provide better agility for your applications and deployment groups because it’s so thin and lightweight. As with agility above, growing your business is easier with faster time to market.

The same efficiency that is highly valued in many consumer products is also highly desired in the hardware and software markets. But we can get distracted by different types of measurements, meant for different audiences and business goals, that seem to imply the product in question is not fit for a particular purpose.

Whether you prioritize on performance, 24×7 high availability, robust reliability, lower TCO, agility, or scalability, Ultra Messaging delivers.

Post #3 of a three-part series – see Post #1 here: Ultra Messaging Is Also High-Throughput, High-Availability, Lower-TCO Messaging. See Post #2 here: Ultra Messaging: For 24×7 High Availability, Lower TCO, and Robust Reliability.

For more, see whitepapers Ultra Messaging Business Benefits and Direct Edge Switches to Ultra Messaging, Improves Performance with Less Hardware. Watch our customer testimonial videos at Ultra Messaging Zero Latency Tour 2009 – Selected Panel Sound Bites.

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