Ultra Messaging: For 24×7 High Availability, Lower TCO, and Robust Reliability

Our first post in this series (Ultra Messaging Is Also High-Throughput, High-Availability, Lower-TCO Messaging) covered, from a very high level, the performance benefits of highly-efficient messaging software by stressing that efficiency is the property of software that provides performance, whether you measure a single piece of data for “ultra-low latency”, or a large batch of data for throughput. Either way, ultimately, it’s all about extremely fast, lean, efficient execution. The way you choose to measure that performance is up to you, and depends on your needs.

But extremely fast, lean, efficient execution has other benefits for the customer besides performance. For example, the same Ultra Messaging efficiency that provides very high performance also provides the foundation for many of the key features of enterprise-quality software, such as true 24×7 high availability, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and robust reliability. In the earlier post, we just touched on these topics, but here we will discuss them in a bit more detail.

How does it do that, you ask?

  • 24×7 High Availability – Our Parallel Persistence® technology with hot/hot failover is the highest-performing and most reliable durable subscription technology available today. Parallel Persistence leverages efficiency by removing the persistent store from the message path to avoid the problems with store-and-forward designs (see our post Guaranteed Messaging: It’s Not Just for Brokers Using Store-and-Forward Any More!). In addition, when persistence is not necessary, you can deploy Hot Failover sources and receivers for failover protection at a more granular  level.
  • Lower TCO – The key to efficiency is to remove every possible delay, starting with the biggest offenders, which in the case of legacy software messaging is brokers and daemons in the data path. Ultra Messaging is an end-to-end messaging solution and uses no brokers or daemons to send streaming messages. The bottom line for your bottom line: no messaging brokers or servers to buy, power, manage, or replace. In fact, one customer was able to simultaneously increase throughput, with better reliability and lower latency, AND save $1M in hardware by retiring unnecessary servers, not to mention the reduction in server footprint and energy costs. As Big Data throws more and more data at you, faster and faster, lower TCO will become more and more important.
  • Robust Reliability – Efficient software is usually robust, reliable software, almost by definition, because fewer instructions touch the data in the trip from source to receiver, among other reasons. Meanwhile, less-efficient software is more likely to exhibit design flaws that show up under stress, like during an unanticipated traffic spike. Ultra Messaging has a proven track record of staying robust and reliable even with data volume growth, from short-term (intra-day) to long-term (multi-year) and everywhere in between.

The same efficiency that is highly valued in many consumer products is also highly desired in the hardware and software markets. But we can get distracted by different types of measurements, meant for different audiences and business goals, that seem to imply the product in question is not fit for a particular purpose.

Whether you prioritize on performance, 24×7 high availability, lower TCO, or robust reliability, Ultra Messaging delivers.

Post #2 of a three-part series – see Post #1 here: Ultra Messaging Is Also High-Throughput, High-Availability, Lower-TCO Messaging. Post #3: Ultra Messaging Efficiency for Better Agility and Scalability.

For more, see whitepapers Ultra Messaging Business Benefits and Direct Edge Switches to Ultra Messaging, Improves Performance with Less Hardware. Watch our customer testimonial videos at Ultra Messaging Zero Latency Tour 2009 – Selected Panel Sound Bites.

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