The Future of Applications: From Sustaining to Enhancing to Transforming

People often say to me “you’re the ETL company – how’s it going?” With pride I reply “yes we were, but now we are a Data Integration company offering technology that helps companies with a variety of their business critical systems – particularly applications”.

This focus on “Applications” often surprises people and that is why on September 21st Informatica is launching a global marketing campaign looking at the role we play in relation to business critical applications – yes … those applications that automate business transactions and are critical to the success of every organization.

Please register today to join us in our opening webinar event that is hosted by InformationWeek.  Click here.

Over the coming months we will be sharing information from our partners, our customers and ourselves on how to maximise the return on investment made in applications by focusing on data as a strategic asset.

You will learn how:

  • Informatica can help you SUSTAIN your existing applications by removing cost & complexity through application retirement, data archiving, operational data integration and data virtualization.
  • Informatica can help you ENHANCE your applications by providing authoritative  and trustworthy data, creating a data services layer to support SOA and application modernization initiatives, successfully integrating new SaaS applications with on-premise applications, and by removing the risk and time associated with migrating data to new applications.
  • Informatica can help you to TRANSFORM your applications to move from a hairball of badly interconnected application silo’s to a data-centric enterprise.  With technologies like Master Data Management you can ensure all your operational applications have the correct single view of your customer – with data from across internal enterprise applications as well as leveraging data from external social media sites such as Facebook.

This is an exciting time to be in IT.  In the face of economic uncertainty we must remain vigilant in doing more with less and focusing on operational efficiency.  We must lower our costs of sustaining applications so that we can free up budget to enhance and transform our applications to drive innovation and growth.

Informatica can help – stay tuned for more information on howInformatica can help you drive greater value from your applications.  For example, if you are in Boston on September 22nd – 23rd, please join us at the Forrester Application  Development and Delivery Forum to learn more.

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