Dynamic Data Masking Combats Daunting Data Breach Risks

It seems like every day a new data breach splashes across the news. As consumers, patients, customers and social networkers many of us have a plethora of information stored in various databases well outside our control. Data security officers, DBAs and other security specialists continue to do their best to educate, protect and anticipate both internal and external threats. But … the breaches continue and so do their associated costs. There are many technologies from encryption to tokenization to database activity monitoring (DAM) to data loss prevention (DLP).

Informatica just released a new option to the mix: dynamic data masking.  The technology came into the company through the acquisition of ActiveBase. Since then I’ve had a number of people ask me if Informatica Dynamic Data Masking will complement or replace an organization’s existing data security technologies.

Informatica Dynamic Data Masking hides, blocks access or masks (in real time) unauthorized access to sensitive, private or confidential data. Packaged applications will typically have built-in roles and privileges to restrict access to certain transactions or actions, but most applications do not contain granular field level authorization checks against viewing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, names, or address information. Reporting and developer tools will have even less restrictions: once you have access, you have access to everything. This is where dynamic data masking comes in. Any application, any tool or any report accessing sensitive information can transparently and simply use dynamic data masking to ensure that your organization’s most critical data assets will only be seen by the people authorized to see that data. Dynamic data masking complements your investment in encryption and other security technologies by giving you a data security solution that ensures sensitive information is only presented to end users, DBAs or developers on a need to know basis.

Informatica’s Dynamic Data Masking complements a company’s arsenal of protection.

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