Data Quality Helps Find Missing Revenue

The establishment and maintenance of accurate customer data is the key to all revenue-generating events that a company has. A single key question is at the heart of this: Do you understand your customers? And good quality data is at the heart of the answer to the question.

As an extension every organization must know who its customers are, what do they want? What did they buy?  This question appears straightforward, but it’s not uncommon for every department within a company – finance, sales, marketing, or customer service – to have a different answer because each has their own version of the customer data.

Avaya realized the importance of accurate customer information in effectively managing business relations, improving customer retention, creating repeat business, increasing the acquisition of new customers, and ultimately driving revenue. For example one area they focused on was carefully aligning the specific Avaya products and services the customer is using against what they are contracted to use. This helped the team identify areas where Avaya is not billing for services delivered.

Informatica Data Quality also identified and corrected billing addresses for invoices that were not being delivered to the end customer in a timely fashion. By billing the right people more quickly and more effectively, they avoided process inefficiencies, duplicate postage costs and delayed cash flow that were associated with this issue.

By setting up a Data Quality Center of Excellence (COE) data of questionable, defective or unproven quality can be analysed, standardized, matched, segmented and prioritized for remediation. Furthermore, Avaya’s Data Quality COE also established a Data Governance Council that lays out the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for establishing and sustaining authoritative and trustworthy data.

You can read more about the success story here: Using Informatica within our Data Quality Center of Excellence, Avaya has access to the accurate information needed to achieve operational excellence and deliver a 2000% return on investment.

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