Addressing Data Volume Growth With Better Efficiency

Friday August 5, 2011 set new records for trading volume around the world. According to this FT.com story: “The amount of data generated by the day’s trading in US futures and equities alone saw over 130m trades on Friday, generating 950 gigabytes of data, according to Nanex, a market data provider.” In London, “some exchanges with older technology could not cope”. And so Big Data strikes again.

But market data volume has been exploding for months, even years. This is just one more chapter in a long story, illustrating the types of problems that a business could encounter if they neglect their technical infrastructure in the face of data volume growth.

Growing data means pushing the limits on hardware and network resources: from short-term concerns like lost data and unreliable uptime, to more strategic concerns like higher fixed and operational costs from extra hardware and the power to run it.

Customers facing explosive data growth need efficiency above all. Efficiency to handle more and more data, faster and faster. Efficiency to provide resource usage headroom and squeeze more from every hardware investment dollar. Efficiency to provide better reliability and true 24×7 uptime.

Informatica Ultra Messaging, as the market leader in ultra-low latency messaging, is also the most efficient messaging technology on the market today. This efficiency uniquely positions Ultra Messaging to help solve many of these Big Data problems. It’s extremely fast, of course, but that’s not all. Because of this speed, it is highly scalable: just deploy a new server, regrade the workload, and off you go. And because it uses no servers or daemons, it has no single point of failure and is always up when your applications are up.

Download whitepapers: “Ultra Messaging Business Benefits” or “Direct Edge Switches to Ultra Messaging, Improves Performance with Less Hardware”

Watch webinar replays: “Low Latency Messaging and InterContinental Exchange: Big Data with Low Latency” or “Spotlight on Capital Markets: FX and How to Manage the Data Volume Explosion and Grow Your Business”

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