Customer Analytics IS Big Data

Guest Blog by Michelle de Haaff, CMO, Attensity

It’s great to be guest blogging on the Informatica site this week.  The topic: BIG DATA in the Enterprise and specifically the growth of customer data fueled by social media that creates a very large treasure trove of insights for businesses.

Informatica made a very exciting announcement yesterday about their Informatica 9.1 BIG DATA offering and we were proud to be a part of it.  Attensity made its own announcement on BIG DATA earlier this year as well. It’s great to partner with the world leader in data integration technology. Why?  A big question that many of both Attensity and Informatica customers ask is how they can bring unstructured data, prose or text that are in emails, survey verbatims, documents, social media conversations, service and repair notes and more into a data analytics platform, combined with structured data for analytics.

The goal – provide business users with the ability to understand customer sentiment resident in this kind of feedback, to get to the root cause of reported customer and product issues, to be able to understand customer opinions about products and even the competition.So why is BIG DATA so important? I’ll explain its importance as it relates to customer data. With Attensity software our customers can analyze ANY unstructured customer data – emails, survey responses, CRM notes, and social media, NATIVE.  This represents a lot of data.  And to be able to spot trends, emerging issues and changes over time, our customers want to compare customer data overtime and across channels.  For the large companies we serve, this amounts to HUGE amounts of data.  Add in the social web and conversations that include mention of a large company’s brand or products and the multiplier gets even larger. Leveraging DATA GRID technology and the ability with this latest Informatica release and Attensity’s earlier release to combine customer data analysis across both structured and unstructured data and large Enterprises need a BIG DATA solution.

Businesses are looking to extend their data analytics platforms and to unstructured customer data into their metadata layer for easy query and update, but this valuable customer data has been largely inaccessible to companies for analytics and action because of its unstructured nature.  Enter Attensity’s text analytics application and in combination with Informatica’s open, platform-neutral software that makes virtually all types of data accessible, meaningful, and usable to the people and processes that need it; Attensity is able to add unstructured data to the business analytics environment and connect it with structured data so that not only can users get to sentiment and issues, but they can associate it with customers, segments, specific products or service interactions and not just for reporting purposes – but also to understand more about customers in order to:

  • Leverage customer conversations to better inform customer segmentation
  • To understand reasons for purchase, recommendation, and even churn
  • To prevent churn and mitigate negative sentiment
  • To improve the overall customer experience by understanding what they like and don’t like

And to understand more about products in order to:

  • Make improvements to new products so that launches are more successful
  • To identify product problems early in order to mitigate customer services calls or even product recalls
  • To get ideas for current product improvements and for new products

And finally to take action on these insights:

  • Through real-time alerts to product owners and other business users
  • Through routing of “cries for help” and other customer issues for engagement and response
  • And by providing a solid roadmap of customer feedback to the organization to drive both competitive understanding and product innovation

And those are just a few examples. Congratulations Informatica! We are thrilled to be a part of your Big Data announcement and product offering!

Michelle de Haaff, Chief Marketing Officer, Attensity Group

Michelle leads Attensity’s Marketing and Product Management efforts globally. Besides being a social media junkie and mom to three boys, she has led marketing and product management for both large and small technology and services companies for the last 18 years.

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