Informatica + Symantec = Shrink Big Data + Shrink Big Backups

Earlier this month, during the 2011 Symantec Vision Conference (Las Vegas, NV), Symantec and Informatica announced an exciting new partnership to help customers rein in data growth and ensure compliance across all enterprise data.  Symantec will resell Informatica Data Archive, Informatica’s database archiving solution to Enterprise Vault and Netbackup customers.  By combining database archiving with Symantec’s market leading data protection, email and file archiving solutions, customers can now implement a universal approach to data archiving that spans structured and unstructured data.

  • For Netbackup customers struggling to backup ever-growing data volumes within ever-shrinking backup time windows, database archiving provides an opportunity to remove dormant data from production systems significantly limiting the volume of live production data that requires backup.   This not only improves backup efficiency, but also minimizes the risk of extended downtime in a disaster recovery scenario by dramatically shrinking the recovery window.   Often IT organizations ineffectively use backup facilities, designed for system recovery purposes, for the unintended task of archiving data for retention purposes. For more on the differences between back-up and archive and a discussion on how they complement one another, please see the following blog by Claudia Chandra, Product Manager for Informatica Data Archive: How Is Database Archiving Different From Backup?


  • For Enterprise Vault customers  looking to apply the same archiving principles to structured data that they are currently applying to email and documents, Informatica Data Archive removes dormant transactions to improve query performance, eliminates complex and expensive tuning, dramatically reduces storage and infrastructure costs, limits growth in database licenses, and  speeds application upgrades.  In addition, proactive management of retention accelerates eDiscovery of structured data for legal purposes.


Together, Informatica and Symantec will improve business continuity and address retention requirements for structured data. By offering a complete solution for archiving and backup, customers will be able to cost-effectively manage data growth, ensure compliance and streamline data protection.

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