Global Customer Support TweetFest – You’re The Winners!

Last week the Global Customer Support team successfully completed a week long TweetFest Competition, using the official Support Twitter handle: @INFASupport, and the #INFATF hash tag.

Every day we posted a topic to which we solicited feedback from our followers and the results were amazing. We had a daily prize and then one grand prize at the end of seven days. We had approximately 100 responses from across the globe, as people participated in the discussions, mainly telling us what they wanted and expected from the Global Support team. Some of the topics we covered included suggestions and areas to improve around support, services and products. Here are the questions we asked:

  • What are your suggestions & expectations from the @INFASupport Twitter channel?
  • What value added services would you like to see in the support offerings?
  • What product features would you like to see in upcoming releases?
  • What are the tools that you would like to see from Support and your suggestions for My Support portal” enhancements?
  • Do you have any 9.x implementation? We are here to help you.
  • Send us your questions and suggestions for the Informatica Support Console.
  • Share your best practices and performance tips with us.

This was not just another “TweetFest” or “TweetJam” – we take our customers’ suggestions seriously and know it’s important to follow-up. We’ve also grown our base to just under 250 Twitter followers and that number is growing daily.

Twitter has created an easy and fast way for our customers to get in touch with us. Help on technical issues and sharing clarifications on concerns quickly can save time and we end up with another happy customer. If they Tweet about their experience with us, this is all goodness.

Thanks to the @INFASupportteam, for all their efforts and special thanks to all our followers for their active participation in making this a success and most of all CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

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