Cloud Data Integration For Hybrid IT

Today we made a significant announcement regarding our cloud strategy under the heading of “Cloud Data Integration for Hybrid IT”.  Exciting!  We sent out various official communications such as a press release, a list of partner quotes supporting the launch here, YouTube videos showing the new release in action and a link to a launch webinar on 5th May here.  I wanted to give you my perspective on why I think this is such a big deal …

Quite simply: It’s addressing one of the most significant IT changes happening in the world today and addressing a very major concern that all enterprises are facing – namely, what to do with the growing SaaS sprawl that is happening across their enterprises.  Our own CIO, Tony Young, recently wrote about this on our perspectives blog here. The dilemma facing enterprises is how to empower their business users who want to use cloud applications while retaining control of their data assets.  There is a harsh new reality in town – every IT shop is now a Hybrid IT shop – lots of on-premise applications combined with increasing numbers of cloud-based applications.  Planet earth is not going away, and neither is the cloud.  We need to work out how to deal with both!

Our strategy is quite simple – we believe it is possible, and desirable, to provide data integration solutions that can be deployed wherever your data resides – this means in the cloud, or on-premise.  Furthermore it is important that this is done with the simplicity and self-service required for cloud-oriented business users, while also providing the enterprise capabilities that are required by IT – without one compromising the other!  This is exactly what we are delivering with our Summer 2011 release and is why I, for one, am so excited.

The underlying architecture of our cloud service is the same as our traditional on-premise solutions.  Now data integration developers can build mappings for on-premise that can be executed in the cloud … and vice versa.  Neat!  In addition business users have the ability to do their own cloud integrations – neat!

One final point – our strategy is also to enable all of our customers to be successful with the cloud – whatever they wish to do.  This does not mean everything has to be “in the cloud”. Take for example Master Data Management … one great use case for MDM is to pull together historical and legacy application data into a single golden record and then delivering that to your favorite cloud application (such as salesforce.com, or Netsuite).  Now you can easily do this as a result of the integration between our MDM solution and our cloud service.  This ensures you can now provide trusted and authoritative data to your favourite cloud service.  Combine that with our integration service which allows you to control your data in the cloud, plus our AddressDoctor capabilities to ensure all address data in the cloud is correct, and our ILM offering to archive data to the cloud, and our B2B offering to drive cloud-based partner on-boarding and the picture is building up nicely.

Yes, today is a big day for Informatica. I hope you agree!

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