Customer Data Forum Off To A Great Start Featuring MDM

We launched a coast-to-coast Customer Data Forum road show with visits to Atlanta and Washington, D.C., that attracted business and IT professionals interested in using master data management (MDM) to attract and retain customers.

From the business side, our guests consisted of analysts, sales operations personnel, and business liaisons to IT, while the IT side was represented by enterprise and data architects, IT directors, and business intelligence and data warehousing professionals. In Washington, about half the audience was from public sector and government agencies.

One of our speakers was R “Ray” Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research. An award-winning analyst, Ray talked about how customers have evolved—and how many organizations have failed to keep pace. Among the trends and challenges that Ray outlined was social media data, which offers a rich stream of customer insight and viral marketing opportunities for companies with the foresight to harness it.

I presented the root cause of the problem with customer data—how it’s inaccurate and duplicated across silos—and how MDM, along with Data Quality and Data Integration, is enabling organizations to generate a complete, trusted view to grow revenue, improve service efficiencies and reduce costs. Many in the audience were interested in technological details of the customer-centricity solution. That signals that MDM is better understood in the market now than several years ago, when many questions were more conceptual.

Of particular interest was a presentation by Informatica partner Capgemini on how IT can make an effective business case for MDM. Scott Vogan, EIM Practice Leader, emphasized that framing and quantifying the case in business terms relevant to business managers is key. Some in the audience felt that presentation alone was worth attending the session.

If your organization struggles with silos of customer data and is missing out on opportunities for cross-sell and efficient service delivery because customer data is fragmented and incomplete, check the road show schedule and register for a free forum. The next event is in Toronto on Tuesday, May 10, followed by Dallas, Rosemont, IL, Edina, MN, San Francisco, Carlsbad, CA, New York and Boston through May and June. We look forward to meeting you!

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