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It’s not the survival of the fittest anymore, it’s not the survival of the strongest either, it IS however the most adaptable who survive.

At Informatica we are always innovating ways to serve our community better. In keeping pace with the adoption of social networking, the Global Customer Support team expanded some of our communication channels to include new options of contacting us through social media. There are a number of great social media tools, but perhaps the simplest one for business use is Twitter.

We launched our @INFASupport Twitter channel in mid-February and have used this as one way to support, reach out to and dialogue with our wider community since then. We have received a number of accolades from our followers/customers for all the useful information we have been sharing and also for giving them an easier and quick channel for communicating with us.

To make things more interesting and interactive, we are launching our first ever TweetFest. It’s a seven day event running from the 2nd of May until the 10th May. Aptly named, it is a fest of sorts, where one lucky follower/participant stands a chance to win a prize every day and grand prize at the end of the TweetFest.

Join us, participate, get involved in the discussions, tweet your suggestions, get lucky and win prizes.

Visit this link for more details on the TweetFest, and make sure you follow us on @INFASupport.

Good luck!

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