MDM: 5 Questions Companies Must Tackle To Attract & Retain Customers

Tackle the Data Challenges Impeding Your Company from Attracting & Retaining Customers

In discussions with our top customers and industry experts, it’s become clear why best-in-class companies are best-in-class at attracting and retaining customers.

Best-in-class companies recognize that there are sides to the customer centricity equation, which need to be addressed in tandem to truly impact customer acquisition and retention:

  • the strategies, processes and culture
    —typically owned by the business, in particular, sales, marketing and customer service, and
  • the technology and data needed to execute
    —typically owned by IT

The bottom line is that business executives need to collaborate with IT to address their data challenges to make a significant impact on customer acquisition and retention. This was the subject of a recent Webcast, 5 Questions Companies Must Tackle to Attract and Retain Customers.

It features a lively discussion from both sides of the equation:

Jeanne and Ray explore these five key questions:

  • Do you believe customers are an asset or a cost center?
  • Do you know your customers and what inspires them to purchase?
  • How proactive are you in engaging and satisfying customers?
  • How do you communicate and stay in touch with customers?
  • What conditions push your “yes” button?

The Webcast is part of a new Online Guide we’ve recently launched. It’s meant to be a useful tool for initiating a dialogue between the business and IT on the topic of enabling customer centricity to improve customer acquisition and retention.

It includes other valuable resources such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data, an Executive Brief for CIOs, a business-user focused demo of the Informatica Customer Centricity Solution through a salesforce.com user interface and more.

If your company is strategizing about how to generate trusted and complete customer data to better attract and retain customers and improve your service levels and customer satisfaction, take a look at the Online Guide: 5 Questions Companies Must Tackle to Attract & Retain Customers.

In the comments section below, please let us know if this was a helpful tool and if you’d like to see more tools like this in the future.


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